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LETTERS and DOCUMENTS in a correct and elegant Italian
Servizio di controllo e correzione di documenti via posta elettronica A letter,
a theme,
a report,
a speech,
a thesis,
a working paper,
quickly and at no cost:
surf in the site to discover how
lessicoitaliano: Un team per la correzione gratuita di bozze e testi in lingua italiana

We are a group of people with a perfect knowledge of Italian

We provide our help to anyone who needs to write or edit a text in Italian (a letter or other document, an educational, business or professional one, too)

We can give support, via e-mail, in a very short time, to anyone who requests

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Frammenti di lingua e cultura albanese

Form letters

Letters to bank
Scrivere una lettera alla propria banca
Letters to insurance company
Scrivere una lettera alla propria Compagnia 

Letters to building manager
Lettere per problemi condominiali
Various letters
Una lettera per ogni problema - Facile richiedere ed ottenere aiuto 
    per l'uso della lingua italiana

Free services

Currently, the free services are:

Molto più di qualsiasi Vocabolario 
   della lingua Italiana - Molto più di un Dizionario deli sinonimi e contrari
Service Object Example


of a text, a letter, a report, a curriculum vitae, a working paper ... Esempio di correzione lessicale e sintattica


of any of the foregoing, in a correct and elegant Italian, from indications, even in a non-properly and orderly form, of the applicant Esempio di compilazione di una lettera in italiano efficace e corretto

The request and the forwarding of the edit document occur via e-mail

Paid Services

Servizi professionali a pagamento

Traduzioni italiano-inglese e altre lingue
Correzioni accuratissime tesi di laurea
New writers
Correzione di bozze
Lyrics for songs
Correzione testi canzoni
A poem for every occasion
Poesie per eventi e ricorrenze

How getting the free emendation service


via e-mail
an attachment:

Richiedere ed ottenere rapidamente i servizi di correzione 
		e compilazione bozze via posta elettronica


will be returned to you,

in a correct form,
to your e-mail

Correzione di testiA text that must be correct Frasi in forma corretta Phrases or ideas to put in a nice shape - Any Controllo della sintassi document whose lexical and syntactic correctnes you want be sure

Conditions of service delivery

Free Service is delivered to following conditions:

Art. 1 Attachments to a single request mail can not exceed 2000 characters - 500 words – that is, roughly, content of an A4 folder.
You can,if desidered, send more than one, or continue to request on the attachment to a second mail. Within the free Service will not be considered texts longer than 1000 words - 2 pages – in the same document.
It's allowed to the same user to send multiple attachments on different documents.

Art. 2 Proposals submitted to lessicoitaliano for the correction should be of a generic kind and do not contain personal data.. Texts containing references to peronal data will be automatically deleted, at discretion of assumes no liability, for any reason, for discosure or dissemintaion of personal data that, for or sensitive data sent to his address. However undertakes not to disclose any personal data que por cualquier wathever reason, were sent to his addresses and treat them in accordance with local regulation during the period for whitch such data should remain in his possession, deleting it promptly from its own archives with procedures as appropriate as possible to prevent the inadvertent spread of them.

Art. 3 is not obligated to provide the free Service, that is delivered at its own discretion.

Art. 4 does not assume responsibility in any way for any damages due to the service provided.
The mere documented presence of any grammatical, syntactic or lexical errors, in the text issued by gives the right to the riformulation of the document.

Art. 5 Texts submitted to the staff of will be of a generic, educational, artístic or professional type. guarantees correction and compilation of texts in relation to the only correctness of the spelling and syntax, as well as the quality of the lexical form of the text.
Aspects of merit, technical and professional, of the content will be treated by only in the context of knowledge of the staff that, therefore, doesn't takes any responsibility in any way.

Paid Services

Art. 6 Free Service is the one previously described.
The creation or correction of texts longer more two folders (such as a thesis) can be obtained on payment upon acceptance of a quote to require at

General conditions, concerning all Services offered (both free and fee):

Art. 7 This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses some "cookies", which are text files that are stored on your computer to help the website analyze how users use the site.
The informations generated by the cookie on the use of the site by you (including your IP address), will transmitted to, and stored on Google's servers in the U.S. .
Google will use these informations in order to track and evaluating your use of the site, compiling reports on website activity for operators and provide other services relating to website activity and the Internet use. Google may also transfer these informations to third parties where this is required by low or where such third parties process the informations on behalf of Google.
Google will not associate your IP address with any other date held by Google. You may refuse the use of cookies setting the right configuration on your browser, but this may prevent you to use all the features of this website.
Using this website, you agree to the processing of yours data by Google for the conditions and the purposes set out above.


Q. Who can benefit from the free Service of Italians or foreigners?

A. Anyone can apply to write or edit a text. Free Service is a very high level service, wich meets all requirements even by students or professionals of native Italian. Of course, even foreign nationals can use it. Check the quality of Service is simple: just send us via e-mail, also with an address of convenience, a text to be corrected, even deliberately introducing errors or ambiguous sentences, even difficult to interpret, and wait for a few hours reception, at no charge, of the perfectly correct text.

Q. Are proofs and corrections processed by an automatic spell-check program?

A. No. Each text sent is examined and processed by a member of our Association, who understands its meaning and, if necessary, may seek further clarifications from the sender.

Q. Why is the Service free?

A. The portal is born through the initiative of a groupe of people united by their passion for Italian and having the objective of contributing to the spread of its proper use. The beneficts we expect from our work consist of the visibility obtained on the Web through the quality of the service provided and, in economic terms, of the return achieved by advertising.

Q. Why is imposed a limitation of the documents to 500 words? Why, in the case of documents longer than is required to send a new mail?

A. aims to offer a fast and efficient Service free of charge to anyone requesting it by a simple e-mail; this imposes the need to limit the lenght of the annexes to ensure that staff resources could be saturated by requests for disproportionate lenght texts, such as a thesis, which is part of paid services. It should also be considered the possibility that could be a real attack by vandals with the aim of exhausting available resources by sending of a very large number of request emails generated by automatic programs or with fake requests (for exemple, correction of Divine Comedy).

Q. Why the texts submitted to must not include personal informations?

A. The management of personal data of thirds involves some legal liabilities, with the consequence of having to respect a great deal of regulatory compliances, that requires investments that aren't compatibles with the provision of a free Service. The sent emails are not stored by (but by providers of email Service), that, therefore, will remove all unauthorized mails containing personal data without retaining tracks of them.

Q. Can you request to the compilation of texts on technical, artistic, legal or commercial content?

A. It is possible, but the Association will take responsibility for the done work only for the part on the lexical-syntactic form of the document, anxious, however, to provide, within the staff's competences, the best possible content. With regard of the artistic profile, in the paid services will in future be possible to request the compilation of theme poems.

Q. How long the request will receive an email response?

A. The answer to which is attached the required documentation is, normally, sent to the email address of the applicant in a few hours or,at most, in a few days. These response times may vary in particular moments of portal's overloading.

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